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WR Ryan Grant Loses $29 Million

The Baltimore Ravens originally signed former Washington Redskins Ryan Grant to a four-year, $29 million dollar contract on Tuesday but due to a failed physical, that contract became null and void. Grant was all set to become a Raven. He would have fit the Ravens offense nicely. He was very

Baltimore Ravens Preseason 1 – First Half

Is this the new Ravens? The defense is looking great!! The offense looks a lot better than I expected. Coach Harbaugh is looking very business-like with glasses on. A beautiful night for Ravens to kick butt!! The secondary is pulling it off with blocked catches. Rookie cornerback Jaylen Hill blocked two

Preseason 1 – Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins

The day is finally here! The Baltimore Ravens will be playing their first preseason game on Thursday at M&T Bank Stadium against the Washington Redskins in a game most often called, "Battle of the Beltway." As you know, franchise quarterback Joe Flacco will be sidelined for Thursday's game due to back

Week 5 – Ravens lost 16 – 10

The Baltimore Ravens lost against the Washington Redskins in a score of 16 - 10. This will be the first time the Redskins beat at Baltimore since 1955. This is also the second time the Ravens was not able to defend their house. Another ugly game. Many penalties, many mistakes. After Steve Smith,

Week 5 – Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins

The Baltimore Ravens will be hosting the Washington Redskins at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday at 1pm. When these two physical teams meet, it is called the "Battle of the Beltway." The Ravens will be in better shape to protect their house to prevent another loss like last week. Rookie running

Preseason 3 – Ravens lost 31 – 13

The Ravens gave that one away. Another difficult game to watch. The team had a 13-0 lead. Well, the dress rehearsal is over. I can guess who should be on the team and who should be on the practice squad. The second string did not have the same momentum and drive as

Preseason 3 – Baltimore Ravens vs. Washington Redskins

The Baltimore Ravens will be hosting their third preseason game at M&T Bank Stadium against the Washington Redskins on Saturday at 7:30pm. It is a comfortable 82 degrees in Baltimore. The fans are hot! According to Garrett Downing of, the first string guys will play into the third quarter. Last

Baltimore Ravens injuries for Preseason 3

It is a fact of life that in football, players get hurt. Some injuries are minor and the player does not miss valuable playing time or the more severe season-ending injuries that require surgery. NFL teams account for this by having a reserve of players just in case. The Baltimore Ravens


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