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The Scoop on the Ravens Tight End Group

The season is over, the Ravens did not make the playoffs, again. Now we are in the offseason, looking at the future. In order to improve the future, the present must be corrected and the past not repeated. The offense was mediocre at best last season. Ozzie Newsome drafted heavily

Nick Boyle returns to practice field

Baltimore Ravens tight end Nick Boyle returns to the practice field on Wednesday after returning from a 10-game suspension after his second violation of the NFL's drug-enhancing policy. Boyle's first suspension occurred toward the end of his rookie season, where he was suspended for the last four games. His second suspension

Baltimore Ravens Tight End Group

Here is another article about the Baltimore Ravens in the offseason. The team finished their offseason workouts and will soon begin training camp, which starts late July. The next group to discuss is the tight ends. There are six tight ends on currently fighting for depth chart positioning: Darren Waller, Nick Boyle,

Baltimore Ravens make moves to solidify tight end group

The Baltimore Ravens are heading into the 2016 season looking to tighten up on all their positions. At one time, the Ravens tight ends were on lock. They were tough and ready. Now, they are not so tight. As you know, rookie tight end Nick Boyle did a stupid thing, not once

Baltimore Ravens News

The Baltimore Ravens have been having a busy Week 13 after their unbelievable loss against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. They are busy trying to revamp and prepare for Week 14. Here is the happenings around the Ravens camp. During the Miami Dolphins game last Sunday, Matt Schaub slammed his head to the

Baltimore Ravens selected TE Nick Boyle as 171st-overall pick

  The Baltimore Ravens have selected TE Nick Boyle with the 171st-overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, according to the teams' website. This will be the Ravens second tight end selected in the draft. The first was second-rounder Maxx Williams. After last year's disastrous injuries among many of the players


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