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Halftime Highlights – Ravens vs. Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens are looking good so far in the first half with sacks, interceptions and plenty of first downs. Flacco has been looking good; there does not appear to be any back issues. The Ravens defense has dominated the Bengals through-out the first half. Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has been

Halftime Highlights

The Baltimore Ravens got off to a good start in the first quarter. The defense was making their tackles and the receivers was catching their passes. There is hope for these rookies yet. They do get a lot of penalties. Something I am sure Coach Harbaugh can work on. Matt Schaub

Halftime Highlights

  It is a frigid 22º degrees in Foxborough. The ball is hard as a rock and harder to handle. The Ravens are coming to this game as underdogs, but they sure are not playing that way. The winner of this game goes to the Super Bowl. The Ravens offensive are off

Halftime Highlights

  The Ravens are playing good. As expected, the defense is top-notch. There has been penalties on both sides: two for the Ravens and three for the Steelers. Flacco needs to get into that elite mode a bit more. So far, no interceptions but quite a few incomplete passes. Ravens cornerback

Halftime Highlights

    It is 53º and partly cloudy in Baltimore and the Baltimore Ravens are fighting for the final spot in the playoffs. The Ravens offense needs to make plays in order to stay in this race. Incomplete passes, dropped passes are starting to overtake this offense. Two Ravens defensive players, left tackle Eugene


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