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What can I say? I LOVE football. I love to watch a game and talk about what I saw. Who am I? My name is Stacie. A Baltimore native. A big, big fan of the Baltimore Ravens.

I realized how much I love to watch sports, especially football, and talk about it like most fans. I wanted to take this a step further. What about watching a game and writing about it? Hmmm… Give an accurate account of a game and add in my two cents, from a girl’s point-of-view, of course.

While there are many blogs about the Baltimore Ravens, but none with a female’s touch. Most of the blogs of today are written by males that give their own perspective along with the game highlights. Many of them have experience in sports writing and journalism. They “speak” football. While all that is good, I wish to add my own special touch.

The goal of my blog is plain and simple. It is to keep you, the fans, informed about the Baltimore Ravens. A blog that is written in a light-hearted, positive manner that would appeal to the everyday person.


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