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Week 17 – Ravens Lost – 31 – 27

The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in a score of 31 – 27. They lost their playoff chances in the last 44 seconds of the game.

In the second half of the game, the team came back from three points to pass the Bengals but could not hold onto their lead. Defense was missing blocks and making pass interference blocks which destroyed the team.

The Ravens had an up and down season. Injuries crippled this team and everyone thought they were out, however, they fooled a lot and fought hard to be in the hunt. They were almost there.



The Ravens offense seems to have awaken. The team have been moving downfield, making multiple first down runs by Collins and a first down catch by Watson.

Chris Moore bobbled a crucial catch. It was intercepted by the Bengals and ran in for a touchdown.

24 – 10  BENGALS

Wallace caught a 19-yard catch but took a hard, legal shoulder hit. He left the field to the sideline to get checked out. The catch was ruled completed. Bengals challenged the ruling and it was overturned. Wallace did not have one leg down before he was tackled out-of-bounds.

The Ravens get down to 4th and 3 and the go for it. Collins made a zig-zag, do-your-own-thing play and ran in a 17-yard touchdown! First he cut to the right, then to the left!

24 – 17  BENGALS

Dalton threw two back-to-back incomplete passes meant for A.J. Green. Brandon Carr has stepped up for the block on both cases.

Wallace missed a long pass due to a block and the referee ruled unnecessary roughness, costing the Bengals 15 yards and giving Baltimore a much-needed first down.

Nick Boyle comes up and makes a nice first-down catch.


Watson made a first-down catch but as he went to the ground the ball was stripped and ruled an incomplete catch.

Mike Wallace, Michael Campanaro made crucial first-down catches.

Nick Boyle dropped a pass within 10-yards of the goal line, the ball rolled but was ruled an incomplete pass. Phew! Looked liked a completed pass and a fumble to me.

The Ravens settled for a 34-yard field goal.

24 – 20  BENGALS

The Ravens offense made many attempts to move downfield with first down catches from Wallace and Campanaro. Finally, Wallace gets in the end zone for a six-yard touchdown!!!

27 – 24  RAVENS

The Ravens defense stops the Bengals run game on two back-to-back plays and Dalton gets sacked by Matthew Judon.

Collins continued to make first down runs. On one play, he pushed 10 yards after contact for an explosive first-down run!

Dalton got grabbed by Suggs but he got away. He threw an interception to Eric Weddle but due to a penalty, it was ruled an incomplete pass.

Down to 44 seconds at 4th and 12, Dalton threw a pass to Boyd for a touchdown.

31 – 27  BENGALS


31 – 27  BENGALS

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