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Week 16 – Ravens vs. Colts – Halftime Highlights

The Ravens offense doing well with no turnovers and plenty of first-down catches and runs. The defense need to work harder. The Colts run game is pretty good using Gore and Mack. The defense need to step up their game.


Thanks to Ravens secondary, the Colts have a quick three-and-out. Colts QB threw two incomplete passes: one tipped off his receivers’ hands and was a near interception caught but dropped by cornerback Maurice Canady and the other was a blocked catch by cornerback Brandon Carr.

Flacco was throwing pass after pass downfield, moving the chains after getting good field position after the punt. Starting from the 35-yard line, the Ravens moved down field with multiple first down plays by running backs Alex Collins and Javorius Allen and wide receiver Mike Wallace.

The Ravens get to the end zone but the Colts defense stopped them from making a touchdown. The team had to settle for a 30-yard field goal.

3 – 0  RAVENS

The Colts worked their way downfield using their tight end. Colts’ tight end Jack Doyle made back-to-back catch and runs for first downs. Then Brissett threw two incomplete passes.

The team attempted a 38-yard field goal when the kick was blocked by Ravens safety Tony Jefferson but it was recovered by the Colts. Good job Ravens !

Wide receiver Chris Moore made a nice 14-yard catch. He is starting to become a nice, reliable target for Flacco. Tight end Benjamin Watson is holding his one with a first-down catch.


The slippery field is starting to affect the handling of the ball. After the snap, Alex Collins fumbled but it was recovered by tight end Nick Boyle. Watson missed a catch that tipped off his finger tips.

Tackle Austin Howard is injured on a tackle and leaves the field to be examined.

Chris Moore caught a pass that brought the team down to first-and-goal with a nice 20-yard catch. He caught the pass, was twisted around on the sideline and he still stayed in bounds and held onto the ball. Good job!

At 3rd-and-goal, Flacco threw a six-yard pass to wide receiver Michael Campanaro for a touchdown!

10 – 0  RAVENS

The Colts have been successful in running the ball against the Ravens using running backs Marlon Mack and Frank Gore. Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton has been gaining some ground with first down catches. He was wide open. A big 21-yard play that should have been prevented.

Frank Gore tore away from Ravens defense and ran in a 14-yard touchdown.

10 – 7  RAVENS

The Ravens offense look good moving their team downfield with multiple first-down catches by Benjamin Watson, Mike Wallace and runs by Alex Collins and Javorius Allen.

Ravens get the first penalty of the game for false start by left tackle Ronnie Stanley.

Joe Flacco got sacked, causing a loss of 17 yards.

Michael Campanaro made a nice 15-yard, first-down catch, putting the team in field goal range. The team settles for a 39-yard field goal.

13 – 7  RAVENS

Frank Gore continued to make first down runs for his team.

Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton missed a pass and took a hard hit from Ravens safety Tony Jefferson. He was slow to get up but he did not leave the field. Former Ravens wide receiver Kamar Aiken missed a pass, thanks to Ravens secondary.

Ravens defensive tackle Willie Henry got in the Ravens first sack of the day, thanks to Matthew Judon flushing the quarterback out of the pocket. Good job!

The Ravens almost gave up a turnover when Michael Campanaro fumbled the punt after his catch. Luckily, the Ravens did recover it.

The Colts attempted a Justin Tucker 60-yard field goal with wind and drizzle. Needless to say, the kicker was short! No good!!



13 – 7  RAVENS

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