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Week 13 – Ravens Win – 44 – 20

The Baltimore Ravens won in a score of 44-20 against the Detroit Lions. This was a different Ravens offense. They all played as super stars. There were a few dropped passes from Benjamin Watson and Jeremy Maclin but overall, they did a 180 turn from the last few games.

Joe Flacco has a 105 QB rating, no interceptions and threw for 269 yards with two touchdowns. His receivers and running backs were the difference makers. Collings rushed for 75 yards on 15 carries and two touchdowns. Javorius Allen rushed for 22 yards on seven carries. Wallace caught five receptions for 116 yards, including a 66-yard catch in the second quarter. Maclin caught four receptions for 41 yards. Watson caught three receptions for 24 yards, including a one-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

The defense stayed on their mark. The Lions was only allowed 78 rushing yards. Two interceptions were caught, Lions quarterback Stafford fumbled two plays. There were a few tipped passes.

The Ravens came out on top. They lost one player, cornerback Jimmy Smith to injury. It was reported that he tore his Achilles. He has been suffering with this injury all season. He went down after trying to tackle an offensive player. He knew immediately. He was seen slamming his hand on the ground as he laid there in pain. He was assisted off the field to the locker room. A no-contact injury is not good.

The Ravens is now 7-5, still deep in the playoff hunt.



The Lions was able to get a touchdown. Does anyone wonder if it is because Jimmy Smith is not on the field? Wide receiver Golden Tate caught a first-down pass, converting their third down. The Lions moved their chains downfield. Running back Theo Riddick caught a four-yard touchdown.

20 – 7  RAVENS

The Ravens drive did not get them downfield this time. Running back Danny Woodhead and tight end Benjamin Watson caught their respective passes but tight end Nick Boyle missed a pass for the third down.

The Ravens run defense stopped the Lions’ offense at 3rd-and-one yard! They could not get one yard? No, they could not.

Collins made an explosive run for a first-down by running behind Ravens tackle Ronnie Stanley.

Benjamin Watson missed another crucial pass. Tipped right off his fingers.

Jeremy Maclin caught a pass but it was knocked out of his hands on a tackle.

Stafford’s pass was tipped by Matthew Judon. Unfortunately, Willie Henry was charged with roughing the passer, costing the team 15 yards.

The Lions capitalized on the gained yardage and with two first down catches, they managed to get a six-yard touchdown. However, the kicker could not get the extra point.

20 – 13  RAVENS

The Ravens have been good at moving downfield. Maclin got a 12-yard first-down catch. Running backs Danny Woodhead and Alex Collins both made an eight-yard runs. On the next snap, Collins did a jump cut through an opening for another first-down run. Javorius Allen is ran a 10-yard first-down.


Flacco got swallowed up by the defense when his pocket collapsed but he threw the pass away and the play was ruled an incomplete pass instead of a sack.

Wide receiver Chris Moore caught an effortless 23-yard pass. He was mid-field with no one around him. Good job!

After the snap, Danny Woodhead waited one or two seconds before running through the defense for three yards.

At second-and-goal, Alex Collins ran in a seven-yard touchdown.

27 – 13  RAVENS

The Lions come back to match the Ravens touchdown with one of their own. Stafford threw two deep passes to get their team down in Ravens territory. At second-and-goal, the Lions ran in a touchdown.

27 – 20  RAVENS

The Ravens offense continue their reign to the end zone. Wide receiver Vince Mayle made first down and more with a 29-yard run, holding onto the ball for dear life. Chris Moore made a nice seven-yard catch.

Alex Collins ran for a first-down, putting the team in field goal range.

The team could not convert and had to settle for a 51-yard field goal.

30 – 20   RAVENS

Terrell Suggs sacks quarterback Matthew Stafford. Good job T-Sizzle!

Marlon Humphrey caught an interception and ran for 18 yards! Way to go secondary!! Stafford took a hard hit from Willie Henry and landed on his right hand. He was taken to the locker room with his hand wrapped up. Another quarterback that the Ravens took care of.

Alex Collins got a first-down and was thrown back. No flag. At second-and-goal, the Lions got a holding penalty that took the Ravens to half the distance to the goal. The ball was spotted at the six-yard line!

At first-and-goal, Collins ran in a six-yard touchdown and did the river dance!

37 – 20  RAVENS

The Lions bring in back-up quarterback Jake Rudock. He threw an interception to Eric Weddle, who ran in a 45-yard touchdown! Rudock took a hard hit from Maurice Canady.

44 – 20  RAVENS

The Lions had a quick three-and-zero. Their run game was stopped by the likes of the Ravens front seven.

On the final punt return, Michael Campanaro comes out and runs for 10 yards. The game ended with Joe Flacco taking a knee.


44  –  20  RAVENS

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