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Week 13 – Ravens vs. Lions – Halftime Highlights

The Ravens offense is on fire!! They got the message! Receivers catching all plays, defense is not allowing points. Joe Flacco is in play-off mode! His passes are on point and direct bullets to his receivers.

The Ravens are playing like the want to win!


Running back Alex Collins starts the ball rolling with a five-yard run. On the next snap, the referees called a false-start penalty on the Ravens and it was not the Ravens fault!! They changed their ruling to neutral-zone infraction on the defense and gave the Ravens an automatic first-down.

Tight end Benjamin Watson made a nice 18-yard catch for a first-down. Hopefully, he will receive more catches this game.

Wide receivers Jeremy Maclin and Mike Wallace both missed crucial passes. Wallace dropped his pass and Maclin’s pass went right through his hands. Both passes were bullets thrown straight at the receiver.

The Lions run game is easily stopped by Ravens front line defense. Quarterback Stafford have been successful throwing passes downfield. He threw an 11-yard pass for a first down. Running plays get little yards.

Stafford through an incomplete pass to wide receiver Golden Tate. The pass tipped off his fingers.

On a punt return, wide receiver/punt returner Michael Campanaro ran nine-yards and went out-of-bounds before he was tackled. Lions’ linebacker Paul Worrilow received a 15-yard, late hit penalty, giving the Ravens an automatic first-down.

Collins burst out the gate with an eight-yard run. Jeremy Maclin catches a nice 10-yard pass for a first-down and another three-yard pass, moving the chains downfield.

Tight end Nick Boyle showed his aggressiveness by leaping over a Lions’ defender making an 11-yard run for a first down. Way to go!

Collins got spent around in a tackle and was not able to convert on a 3rd-and-seven. The team had to settle for a 38-yard field goal.

3 – 0  RAVENS

Lions’ running back Theo Riddick used some fancy footwork to shake the Ravens secondary for a first down, giving the Lions’ their third-down conversion.

Stafford threw a pass to the end zone that was blocked by cornerback Brandon Carr. Good job! No touchdown for the Lions! On the next snap, Stafford dropped the pass but he was able to fall on it and recover it. Ball was ruled a fumble.

Detroit received a five-yard delay-of-game penalty. They were taking too long to complete their return.

Alex Collins tore through the defense for a eight-yard first-down. His strength allows him to bulldozed through the defense with his hit down. Wallace is moving the chains with a six-yard grab.


Ravens secondary is on the move. Safety Eric Weddle made an interception but was caught out-of-bounds. Cornerback Maurice Canady blocked Lions’ wide receiver Golden Tate from making a first-down.

The Lions attempted a 43-yard field goal but it was NO GOOD!!!

Flacco threw an impressive downfield pass to Mike Wallace for 66-yards! He made it down to the one-yard line! Good job!

Tight end Benjamin Watson made an effortless one-yard touchdown catch! Way to go!

10 – 0 RAVENS

Jimmy Smith tackled the Lions running back shortly after his catch for no-gain. Smith is considered a shut-down corner.

Lions quarterback Stafford was sacked by Eric Weddle. Defensive tackle Willie Henry picked up the pass and ran 24-yards!

Nick Boyle continued to move the chains downfield with a first-down catch.

Jeremy Maclin made a first-down catch that was ruled out-of-bounds.

Rick Wagner was injured on a tackle.

Jeremy Maclin caught a nice catch that was ruled out-of-bounds. That call was challenged and it was overturned. It was ruled a complete catch!!!!

Javorius Allen gets in the game, pushing through tackles for yards. He completed two back-to-back first-down runs.

At first-and-goal, wide receiver Tim Patrick caught a three-yard pass for a touchdown!

17 – 0  RAVENS

Stafford ran out of his pocket and got a near sack by outside linebacker Tyus Bowser but he slipped. Stafford managed to run out-of-bounds at the line of scrimmage.

He was not as lucky on the next snap. Matthew Judon sacks the Lions’ quarterback. Good job!

Jimmy Smith was injured on non-impact play. He had to be helped off the field. It was later reported that he tore his Achilles.

Ravens returner dropped pass after he went down but luckily, Ravens recovered it. Phew!

The team was forced to punt after incomplete passes, although Maclin caught a first-down 17-yard pass.

Defense is working very aggressively to punt the Lions away. Defensive tackle Willie Henry and defensive back Anthony Levine, Jr. tackles the running back immediately after the snap for no gains!

On a snap, Stafford takes a step back, looking for his receivers. When he could not find an open one, he stepped back in the pocket and was tackled, but it was not ruled a sack. The Lions received a penalty giving them fourth-down. They were forced to punt.

Michael Campanaro caught the return at the 45-yard line. The team moved downfield in line for Justin Tucker to complete a 46-yard field goal.

20 – 0  RAVENS


20 – 0  RAVENS

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