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Week 12 – Ravens vs Texans – Halftime Highlights

The Ravens offense needs to come alive and come alive fast. They have virtually no vertical pass offense. The Texans have a pretty good run defense and have been giving the Ravens running backs a hard way to go. The offensive line needs to open up holes to help the running backs.

Defense started off slow, allowing this team to travel 90 yards on their home turf and get a touchdown on their first drive. Senseless, just plain senseless. They picked up the pace in the second quarterback with an interception. Flacco has been throwing more downfield, but he is overthrowing the passes!



The Ravens offense is not looking good. Flacco must find a way to make big plays.

The Ravens had a quick three-and-out: wide receiver Chris Moore ran to the 30 yard line on a punt return and on the next snap, he made a nice eight-yard diving catch.

Flacco was hurried out of the pocket and he threw it away.

The Texans drive was far more successful. They had nine plays for 90 yards, including a touchdown. They did have some help. The Ravens received three penalties in this drive, costing the team more than 20 yards.

7 – 0  TEXANS

Running back Alex Collins can’t get past the line of scrimmage due to the Texans excellent run-game and the Ravens lagging offensive line. Texans linebackers are blitzing and giving Collins the blues!

Ravens defense to the rescue. On two plays, inside linebackers Patrick Onwuasor and safety Lardarius Smith batted away the quarterback passes.

Left tackle Ronnie Stanley is injured on a tackle. He is replaced by James Hurst and almost immediately Flacco is sacked.

The Texans had a quick-three-and-out: the returner dropped the ball but it was recovered by the Texans. That could have been a Ravens take away. Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs sacks the quarterback. Good job!



Flacco threw a deep ball downfield to no one. Luckily, the Texans get a holding penalty which gives the Ravens an automatic first down.

Flacco takes a shot and runs for it. He goes out-of-bounds and is pushed. No flag.

Wide receiver Breshad Perriman is back in the game after being benched for the last game. He missed an overthrown pass by Flacco.

On fourth down, the Ravens try one of their trick plays. On a fake punt, Sam Koch throws a long pass to Chris Moore for 22 yards, taking the team down to the 20-yard line.

Tight end Nick Boyle gets in the action with a nine-yard catch and run.

Running back Buck Allen rushes in a touchdown! Way to go!

7 – 7 TIE

Texans  quarterback Savage threw an interception to Ravens safety Tony Jefferson. Now, lets see what the Ravens gonna do with this turnover. Buck Allen rushes for a short gain. Flacco threw a deep pass that was meant for Mike Wallace but it was overthrown. Alex Collins ran for it on 4th-and-one. He ran into Perriman, who was blocking a player. On the next snap, he rushes in an eight-yard touchdown!

14 – 7  RAVENS

Another Texans quarterback pass was batted down by Ravens defensive tackle Willie Henry.

The Ravens received a penalty for roughing the passer, which put the Texans half a distance to the goal. Ravens defense to work! The Texans could not get a touchdown and had to settle for a 25-yard field goal.

14 – 10  RAVENS

Flacco takes another shot and runs downfield for a first-down. After his slide, he breaks his brace and has to go to the sideline.

Tight end Benjamin Watson made a difficult on the ground catch for a first-down.

Wallace has been walking his team downfield with back-to-back catches, one for nine yards and one for a first-down. The team decided to go for a 53-yard field goal.

17 – 10  RAVENS



17 – 10  RAVENS

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