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Week 11 – Ravens Shut-Out – 23 – 0

The Baltimore Ravens shut out the Green Bay Packers in a score of 23 – 0. This will be the Ravens third shut-out game of the season. The first was during Week 1 against the Cincinnati Bengals in a score of 20 – 0 and the second was during Week 8 against the Miami Dolphins in a score of 40 – 0..

The defense played like winners. They picked up a total of six sacks and three interceptions. Terrell Suggs, Michael Pierce, C.J. Mosley, Eric Weddle, Jimmy Smith, Marlon Humphrey and so many others went above and beyond to make sure their team prevailed.

The offense played better. No dropped passes, no fumbles, no stripped passes.The beginning of the game appeared to be another Justin Tucker game since he scored the first six points. The run-game was excellent with Collins picking up 20 carries on 49 yards, including a three-yard touchdown and four receptions for 22 yards. Tight end Benjamin Watson makes one catch that happened to be the longest catch of the game with 33 yards.

The offensive line needs much work. Flacco was sacked three times, all from his left side. James Hurst moved from left tackle to left guard and was not able to make the transition well. A quarterback with a bad back can’t take too many hits.

The Ravens are now 5-5 and will face the Houston Texans in Week 12.


Chris Moore returned a 35-yard punt which puts the Ravens at a good field position.

Benjamin Watson caught his first catch of the day for 33 yards. Good job!

Mike Wallace caught a 21-yard pass for a touchdown!

13 – 0  RAVENS

The Packers are very successful at moving downfield with first down catches from receivers such as DeVante Parker. They decided to go for it at 4th and six. Well, the Ravens took care of that. Judon sacked the quarterback!!!

The Ravens get the ball back at mid-field. Unfortunately, they could not get downfield. Collins was tackled and lost two yards. Flacco threw incomplete passes after getting hurried out of the safety of his pocket. His left side is basically open because Hurst is not blocking effectively.

CB Maurice Canady made a good attempt to stop the punt return near the one yard line. The referees ruled it a touchback. Coach Harbaugh challenged the call. The ruling stood. It did not appear in the replay that the player touched the ball or the line. That was a bad call on the referee.

Both teams have quick three-and-outs on their next drives. Run defense on both teams are holding up well. Flacco got sacked for the third time today.

TE Vince Mayle brought down the returner with a neck tackle that caused a scuffle on the field. The Ravens got a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Apparently,  Ravens players were pushing and shoving while Packers players weren’t.

The Packers got to 3rd and 2 but came up short. They went for it at 4th and one. Michael Pierce put an end to that! No go!!!



Alex Collins ran for seven yards while stuff arming a player.

Flacco got sacked again. He desperately needs help on his left side.

Sam Koch kicks a beautiful 42-yard kick that goes down the two yard line. Good for the Ravens, bad for the Packers.

Marlon Humphrey knocks the ball out the hand of a Packers receiver for an incomplete pass. Good job!

The Ravens defense has been on the mark! They sacked the Packers QB, again, this time by Willie Henry. On the next snap, Suggs hits the arm of QB but he threw it away. Anthony Levine stopped the receiver on a third down play.

Suggs hit Packers QB’ s arm as he was throwing the pass, ball was picked up by C.J. Mosley. An official that was in the sideline was knocked over and got a bloody lip! He had to be carted off.

Alex Collins was tackled out-of-bounds on a play and Packers received the penalty.

Alex Collins and Danny Woodhead move downfield with small runs.

The team settles for a 23-yard field goal.

16 – 0  RAVENS

The Packers QB is sacked yet again. Blame that marvelous Ravens defense!!

On a play, the Packers running back was tackled by Ravens safety Chuck Clark, which knocked the ball loose and picked up by CB Marlon Humphrey. The play was ruled incomplete. What?

Suggs sacks QB Huntley for a loss of 12 yards. This makes Suggs 121st career sack and Huntley’s sixth sack of the day.

Collins decided to run on the sideline to pick up yardage for a first-down, however,  a penalty brought that first-down back.

Marlon Humphrey caught an interception and ran nine yards to first-and-goal! Way to go!

Alex Collins gets his first career touchdown, with a three-yard dash. Way to go! The Ravens fans at Lambeau Field could be heard chanting “Oooo!”

23 – 0  RAVENS



23  –  0  RAVENS

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