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Week 5 – Ravens won 30 – 17

The Baltimore Ravens were victorious in their 30 – 17 win against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. They traveled, they played well, they won. Three players went down with injuries and did not return to the game: Matt Skura, Carl Davis and Terrance West.

The team played on a much higher level than the last two games. They were well rested and had their signals in order and played well together.

Offense did a 360 and started making big plays:

  • The passing game was excellent with 222 yards thanks to Mike Wallace, Jeremy Maclin and Breshad Perriman. These playmakers came through.
  • The running game was on point with 143 yards thanks to Buck Allen, Alex Collins and Terrance West. These tough guys used sheer power and determination to break through big defensive walls for yards.

Defense stepped up and played at the level expected with fumble return, three sacks, 54 tackles, four passes defensed and multiple QB hurries. Jimmy Smith returned a fumble for a 47-yard touchdown. Everything looked to be back to normal.

After back-to-back losses and much criticism, this team returned to the drawing board, fixed the issues and it worked in their favor. The team has a record of 3-2 tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers in a race for the division win.


Matt Judon was busy at work blocking passes. He is becoming a key player on the defense.

Raiders quarterback Manuel tried to run in a first down but could not make it. The fans started to boo. These fans have no problems showing their dissatisfaction.

Alex Collins is a work horse. He pushed his way into the defense. He has the strength and force to accomplish his goal most of the time.

Raiders Marshawn Lynch tried twice to make a significant dent in yardage but is not successful.

Defensive back Anthony Levine, Sr. sacked the Raiders quarterback!  Good job!

INJURY – Matt Skura went down after a tackle. He left the field on his own.

Breshad Perriman ran across the middle on a third-down conversion. He made the catch but could not go anywhere before being tackled.

Raiders quarterback ran from the left to the right looking for an open receiver. He found wide receiver Seth Roberts and completed a 22-yard pass and he sprinted down the sidelines until he went out-of-bounds. Roberts was ruled out-of-bounds at the Baltimore 34-yard line. Coach Harbaugh challenged the ruling on the field as to where the player went out-of-bounds. The ruling was overturned. The ball went back four yards to the 38-yard line.

Raiders quarterback Manuel tried again to run to a first-down but was short.

Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree moved his team downfield with back-to-back first-down catches.

Quarterback EJ Manuel ran in a first-down that he had to reach to obtain.

Marshawn Lynch completed the drive with a two-yard rushing touchdown.

24 – 17  RAVENS


Baltimore took a time-out to avoid a five-yard delay-of-game penalty.

The team continued to move down field with small but effective pass and rushing plays. Buck Allen makes an eight-yard run short of first down. Breshad Perriman caught a 13-yard reception in the middle of the field. Mike Wallace made a 22-yard catch. This game, he has been the leading receiver.

The team got downfield but could not make another touchdown. Allen rushed for four yards on one play and three yards on another play. Jeremy Maclin missed a pass on 3rd-and-down.

The team had to settle for a 21-yard field goal.

27 – 17  RAVENS

The Raiders had 10 minutes to try to complete two touchdowns.

Michael Crabtree made a diving catch that was four yards short of a first-down. Lardarius Webb blocked a pass. The team had a quick three-and-out.

Benjamin Watson caught a pass and dropped it out-of-bounds.

Jeremy Maclin had a busy day with multiple catches. He completed an eight-yard catch for a first-down.

Running backs Buck Allen and Alex Collins took turns rushing for first downs.

The Ravens used the run-game to run the clock down.

The Ravens had to settle for a 44-yard field goal.

30 – 17  RAVENS

Willie Henry has been excellent on defense with his second tipped quarterback pass of the game.

Former Ravens linebacker Kelechi Osemele received a 10-yard holding penalty.

Quarterback Manuel continued to throw incomplete passes downfield. The team went for it on fourth-down and he was forced to throw away to avoid the sack.



30 –  17  RAVENS

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