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Week 5 – Ravens vs. Raiders – Halftime Highlights

The game starts off with a bang! On the first Ravens drive, they come alive!!



Joe Flacco does his team proud by throwing an accurate, long 52-yard pass to Mike Wallace! He had the Spider-Man grip and held onto that pass!!! Good job!

On a play, Terrance West ran up the middle 13 yards to 1st and goal! Way to go!

INJURY – Terrance West tries to limp off the field but could not. He had to be helped off the field. It was reported that he suffered a left calf injury.

Buck Allen does his part and gets three yards closer on 1st-and-goal.

On 2nd-and-goal, wide receiver Vince Mayle ran in a two-yard touchdown pass. He reached for the goal line. Good job!

7 – 0  RAVENS

Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch bulldozes his way through the Ravens defense. He is a hard player to bring down.

The Ravens get an interception!! On a running play, Raiders tight end Jared Cook had the ball stripped by inside linebacker Patrick Onwuasor. Cornerback Jimmy Smith scooped up the ball and ran in a touchdown!

14 – 0  RAVENS

Marshawn Lynch continues to try to bully the Ravens offense to a first-down and beyond. He has managed to bully his way into the Ravens territory, however, he did not do much damage.

INJURY – Carl Davis is down after a tackle. He is able leave the field on his own. It is later reported that he suffered a left hamstring injury.

The Raiders are working strong with a decent running game from Marshawn Lynch and Jalen Richard.

Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree caught a pass and made a run for it. Luckily, safety Tony Jefferson stopped him.

On the next snap, Matthew Judon broke up a could-have-been touchdown pass.

The Raiders had to settle for a 32-yard field goal. The team took a time-out to prevent a five-yard delay-of-game penalty and the fans started to boo!!

14 – 3  RAVENS

Alex Collins continued to dominate the run game with first-down runs. He manages to find open spaces in the defense and sprints through them.

The Ravens are able to convert on a 3rd-and-5 by accident! After the snap, Flacco trips and is about to be sacked! He throws the ball away and Jeremy Maclin catches it for a first down!!



Nick Boyle shows his skills and runs a nine-yard pass down to the two-yard line.

Flacco threw an incomplete pass meant for Nick Boyle. It looked like Flacco could have run in that first down himself.

Buck Allen rushes in a play that gets the team to 3rd and one for a first down. He rushed in a one-yard touchdown, his first rushing touchdown.

21 – 3  RAVENS

The Ravens defense caused a quarterback hurry and a near interception, thanks to Willie Henry tipping the pass.

The Raiders move their team downfield with first down catches by tight end Jared Cook.

Raiders back-up quarterback E.J. Manuel escaped a sack and threw Michael Crabtree caught a deep 41-yard touchdown pass.

21 – 10  RAVENS

Jeremy Maclin is seeing more action with a short eight-yard pass.

Collins is bring the run-game back to life with small, effective four-yard and one-yard runs.

Mike Wallace has become the star of the offense by catching another Flacco deep ball; this time for 54 yards! Good job!

Benjamin Watson tried on two opportunities to make a touchdown but was not successful. At 2nd-and-goal, caught the pass but could not go anywhere. At 3rd-and-goal, he missed a would-be touchdown that he should have caught.

The Ravens settled for a 22-yard field goal.

24  – 10  RAVENS

The Raiders drive was not very successful. First, the team received a 10-yard holding penalty. Then Willie Henry stopped a player at the line of scrimmage and safety Tony Jefferson got a quarterback sack on a safety blitz. Good job guys!

Jeremy Maclin makes a nice catch for a first down in Raiders territory. Flacco throws two incomplete passes, one to Jeremy Maclin, which was clearly out of his reach and one to Breshad Perriman. It was not clear if that was a catchable ball or not.

The Ravens had to get 12 yards to reach the field goal line. Michael Campanaro caught a pass but was short of the field goal line.



24  –  10  RAVENS

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