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Week 4 – Ravens vs. Steelers – Halftime Highlights

The Ravens are playing much like last week, very little defense and even less offense. The team is playing very sluggish on both sides. Defensive line has been holding up against the run but the secondary is not playing tight coverage. Only one sack and one interception in the first half.



The Ravens start of in the run game with Buck Allen and Alex Collins, both making first downs. They are quick, tough and fast and can creep those the opposing teams’ defense.

Mike Wallace makes a  from a pass that almost didn’t make it. On a snap, Flacco’s arm was hit. That could have been an interception.

Ben Rothlisberger got his first sack of the day, thanks to Lardarius Webb.

Steelers wide receiver Anthony Brown ran, uncovered on the outside for a first down. On another play, when Rothlisberger was hurried, he flicked the ball to Brown who made another first down.

The Steelers received two penalties: false start and a holding penalty.

Anthony Brown tried to make it up by running a 14-yard catch but he came up short of a first down.

The Steelers settled for a 31-yard field goal.

3 – 0   STEELERS


The Ravens are not able to move downfield as well. On a snap at 3rd and 2, instead of a passing play that was incomplete, why not a rushing play? Collins or Allen would have gotten through.

The Steelers have been racking up the penalties. They have another one for illegal blocking.

Anthony Brown caught a 10-yard pass but was short of a first down. The Steelers go three-and-out.

The Ravens received their first holding penalty after a punt.

Mike Wallace caught a running pass and dropped it. How disappointing.

Michael Campanaro makes a catch for a short gain. He and Alex Collins have been alternating as punt returner.

On a snap, Flacco dropped the ball, picked it up but could not get rid of it and was sacked.

Ravens received a delay-of-game penalty after the punt.

Ravens defensive tackle Willie Henry deflected a quarterback pass after receiving a offside penalty.

Bell continues to try to drive through Ravens defense and can only go a few yards.

Finally, C.J. Mosley puts an end to the Steelers run and slams Bell to the ground on a tackle. Afterwards, the Steelers received an unnecessary roughness penalty for offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva on a head butt.

After two incomplete passes, the Steelers settle for a 49-yard field goal.


One a rushing play, Collins spent to get out of a tackled and fumbled the ball and it was recovered by the Steelers!

The Steelers capitalize on this. After each team receives a penalty, Bell busted through the Ravens defense for a first and goal. On the second try, he gets a touchdown.

13 – 0  STEELERS

On a catch, Benjamin Watson was slow getting up after a tackle. He leaves the field on his own.

Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster made a 11-yard touchdown pass. The team tries for a two-point conversion but are not successful.

19 – 0  STEELERS

Mike Wallace has been making more catches, just not gaining too many yards.

The Ravens get downfield in field goal range. They attempt a 62-yard field goal but Justin Tucker missed! Yes, he did miss! The field goal was short and it was caught by a Steelers defender.



19  – 0   STEELERS

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