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Baltimore Ravens – Preseason 1 – Second Half

The Baltimore Ravens killed it with a score of 23 – 3. I know it is just preseason but I believe as long as the guys play their position correctly, low injury rate and don’t make a lot of penalties, this team is Super Bowl bound. Although both quarterbacks had some incomplete passes, they were both aggressive and carried their team well.

During the second half, there were some changes. Rookie quarterback Dustin Vaughan replaces veteran quarterback Ryan Mallett for the second half of the game. Terrell Suggs sits out for the second half. He was seen out of uniform on the sideline.

Vaughan starts off bad by getting sacked three times, however, he tried to recoup by running more. He hustled and was not afraid to get hit plus he can slide. He slid twice for yards. The running backs continued to move downfield making first-downs. Mizzell, Allen and West are ones to look out for. They took full advantage of the new run game.

Justin Tucker keeps this half going with a 49 and 21-yard field goals.

You gotta love Coach Harbaugh for his keen eye. After a Redskins catch, Harbaugh challenged a Redskins catch. It was overturned and ruled an incompletion. Good job Har!!!

Wide receiver Keenan Reynolds should be in line for the punt returner position.  After the punt, he ran for 48 yards, which set up rookie wide receiver Tim White for a 33 yard touchdown. He made a nice transition from quarterback at Navy to wide receiver.

Rookie wide receiver Quincy Adeboyejo caught a first-round pass although the Redskins got a pass interference penalty on the play.

Inside linebacker Bam Bradley and defensive end Bronson Kaufusi sacked Redskins quarterback. The Ravens took no mercy on the Redskins quarterback.

Preseason 1 stats

Ravens had 132 rushing yards; holding Redskins to 39 rushing yards

Ravens had 135 passing yards; holding Redskins to 99 passing yards.

Ravens had 267 total yards; Redskins had 138 total yards.

No turnovers for the Ravens; one turnover for the Redskins.

Ravens had three touchdowns; Redskins had 0 touchdowns.

Preseason 2 will be an away game being played on August 17th at 7pm against the Miami Dolphins.

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