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Baltimore Ravens Preseason 1 – First Half

Is this the new Ravens? The defense is looking great!! The offense looks a lot better than I expected. Coach Harbaugh is looking very business-like with glasses on. A beautiful night for Ravens to kick butt!!

The secondary is pulling it off with blocked catches. Rookie cornerback Jaylen Hill blocked two catches and had one interception. One blocked catch at third down forced the Redskins to go for it at fourth down. He kinda reminds you of Tavon Young; all over the field, in everybody’s way. Veteran safety Eric Weddle caught a near interception.

The linebackers have been stopping all running backs thinking they can run down the middle. How dare they try that on this defense. Outside linebacker Terrell Suggs leading the defense, made a stop on a running back allowing him only two yards. Defensive end Brent Urban made a sack. Anthony Levine, Sr made a sack and a hard hit on the Redskins quarterback. Ouch! Outside linebacker Matt Judon tackled Redskins running back Matt Jones so hard that he backed him up for a loss of two yards! Inside linebacker Patrick Onwuasor made a hit on Redskins running back, causing a fumble and he was able to pick up the fumble. Of course the referees saw to it to overturn the fumble.

The running backs are allowed to run, thank goodness. Terrence West is still bulldozing through linebackers looking for the end zone. He was the first player to make it to the end zone and he made the first touchdown of the day. He looked good side-cutting through the defense. West leaped over the pile for a touchdown, a Redskins defender pushed him back, but center Ryan Jensen pushed him forth. Javorius “Buck’ Allen had a few carries, managing to break through the defense a couple of times. Taquan Mizzell is not to be taken too lightly.

Special teams, what can I say? Punter Sam Kock continues to punt the ball near or before the 20-yard line at the end zone. He is clearly one of the best punters in the NFL. Kicker Justin Tucker with that wonderful leg, kicked three field goals. He missed one at 43 yards. He must not have been warmed up. He made it on the next two trys at 37 and 59 yards. Wide receiver Tim White as returned made two returns for 20 yards and he did not fumble.

The wide receivers have not been the strong force on the team in the first half. Vince Mayle was inches away from blocking the Redskins punter during the punt. Michael Campanaro showing he still got it by making first down catches. Quincy Adeboyejo makes a first down catch.

Tight end Nick Boyle gets in the act with a first down catch.

Fullback Ricky Ortiz leaps over Redskins defenders for a first down. Way to go!

Ryan Mallett did a good job. No interceptions or sacks. He completed half of his attempts; nine catches with 18 attempts. He has a strong arm but throws a bit downward at times.

All in all, I think the Ravens are looking good. I know this is only preseason and does not count but the rookies are looking like they deserve their spot.



13 – 0 

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