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Baltimore Ravens Release TE Dennis Pitta

Baltimore Ravens have decided to release veteran tight end Dennis Pitta with an injury waiver five days after he injured his hip for the third time during OTA practice. Unfortunately, this ends his time with the Ravens.

Pitta dislocated his hip on Wednesday during a no-contact catch.  According to Ryan Mink of, Pitta reached for a pass and when he hit the turf, he could not put any weight on his legs when he got up.

This injury, like the other two,  are serious career-ending injuries but he managed to come back from two of them. The first was in 2013 during practice. He bounced back and returned the next season strong, at least for a while. In 2014 during Week 3 against the Cleveland Browns, he re-injured his hip. He sat out nearly two years before returning in 2016. I thought he should have retired then. The possibility of re-injuring himself was too great. However, he decided to return.


Pitta made a remarkable comeback in 2016 and played all 16 games recording career high receptions, targets and receiving yards. He seemed in shape with no after effects from his previous injuries. However, later in the season you could see that he could not block for Joe Flacco. His separation from defensive backs before the catch was not as swift and he had trouble breaking away from them after the catch. It was never reported that he had any hip trouble but he seemed to slow down just a little.

Pitta has been a fan favorite since he signed in 2010 as a fourth-round pick out of Brigham Young. He quickly became Joe Flacco’s right hand man and friend. This seven-year vet has played his entire NFL career with the Ravens. He was a key part in getting the team to the Super Bowl.

Three surgeries are more than enough for anyone. He has had a fine career with the Ravens. Now it’s time for him to retire, heal and spend time with his family.



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