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Baltimore Ravens Injuries

The Baltimore Ravens are not starting out good. Just in their second week of OTAs and they have three injuries from two key players. This can’t be repeat of 2015, please GOD!!!

Tight end Dennis Pitta

Just when you stopped holding your breath, Pitta suffers his third hip dislocation during practice. Just when we all start having good thoughts, looking toward surpassing his career-high 86 receptions, he goes injured. What’s worse, it was another no-contact injury. His hips have been weakened by football.

Pitta was Flacco’s go-to guy. Pitta assisted Flacco and the Ravens to Super Bowl XLVII with seven touchdowns for the season. He was smoking!! He recorded 61 receptions for 669 yards and was targeted 93 times! Last season he surpassed that with 729 yards and 119 targets.

Pitta’s first hip injury occurred on July 27, 2013 during training camp. He had surgery and rehabbed from that to be able to return that next season. His second injury occurred during Week 3 against the Cleveland Browns. That was the dislocation heard around the world. He caught a pass, turned to run downfield when he crumbled to the ground in obvious pain. He had surgery and rehabbed but this time he did not return until 2016. His third injury, June 2, was  another no-contact injury. Three major injuries in four years. He can no longer block for Flacco.


There have been rumors floating around that Pitta will be retiring. At this time, no official word from the Baltimore Ravens on him retiring. Last report is that he is having tests done and will be getting surgery soon.





Tavon Young
Associated Press

Cornerback Tavon Young

Another blow to the hearts of many fans is Young’s injury. He tore his ACL in OTA practice on last Thursday. He had a good rookie season, recording 58 combined tackles (9 assist) and two interceptions in 16 games (11 starts). He was expected to play starting nickel cornerback this season. A strong candidate on defense who showed great promise.

Who will replace him? The Ravens have several cornerbacks on the roster including newly signed cornerbacks Marlon Humphrey, Brandon Boykin and Brandon Carr, veteran cornerbacks Jimmy Smith and Maurice Canady.

Young will be on a long road to recovery, but at 23 years old, he can make an excellent comeback.




Michael Campanaro
Associated Press

Wide receiver Michael Campanaro

Campanaro sprained his toe last Wednesday during OTA practice. Why is this not surprising? Campanaro signed with the Ravens in the seventh round of the 2014 draft out of Wake Forest and has not played a full season yet. He has recorded 12 receptions for 137 yards and one touchdown in eight games.

Campanaro was placed on injured reserve and released during the Ravens roster cuts in 2016. He suffered with a calf injury and was not prepared to join training camp and had an injury settlement. Before that, in 2015 he suffered a herniated disc during Week 4’s win against the Pittsburgh Steelers that ended his season. Before that, in 2014, yes his rookie season, during Week 8 against the Cincinnati Bengals, he injured his hamstring although he returned Week 17. Need I say more?


What I would like to know is, what is going on in the Ravens OTA training camp? Three injuries in one week? Ravens trainer Steve Saunders took over the intensity workouts. Last season, he was in charge of the conditioning and recovery programs. This season, he has gone full force! Maybe he needs to slow it done, make it not so intense. No more 2015!!!

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