NFL Draft 2017 – Round 3 – Baltimore Ravens Select OLB Tim Williams (78th overall)

The Baltimore Ravens selected outside linebacker Tim Williams in Round 3  (78th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft. I believe Mr. Newsome is really enjoying himself on this draft day.

This Alabama product comes to the Ravens as a not-so-squeaky clean player. According to CBS, Williams has failed multiple drug test in college and received a misdemeanor gun charge. It is a surprise that the Ravens would take such a risk. Hopefully, it will pay off.

This is the second Alabama guy picked up in the third round of the draft. Williams is fast, has excellent body control. A player with pure football talent. According to an article by, General Manager Ozzie Newsome is looking for a receiver that can make an impact on passing downs. Last season he recorded 31 total tackles and nine sacks. He has a career 58 tackles with 21 sacks. Here are some highlights found on YouTube:




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