NFL Draft 2017 – Round 1 – Baltimore Ravens Select CB Marlon Humphrey

The 2017 NFL Draft is under way and the Ravens waste no time in snatching up a defensive back.

The Baltimore Ravens selected cornerback Marlon Humphrey in Round 1 (16th overall) of the 2017 NFL Draft. The Ravens meant what they said; they plan to strengthen their secondary.

Humphrey played college ball out of Alabama, one of the country’s best college football teams. This sophomore stands a 6″0 and weighing in at 197 pounds is the ideal size for a cornerback. He is an aggressive, fast player that is excellent in coverage. Part of his speed comes from being a track star in high school. Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is a big Crimson Tide fan, especially since he was a former Crimson Tide wide receiver from 1974 to 1977.

The Ravens have struggled with secondary coverage. The secondary got so bad that veteran cornerback Jimmy Smith became a painful but realistic difference maker in winning games. When he was injured, the probability of the Ravens losing was much greater. You hold your breath hoping that another defensive back can be as good.  In an earlier Ravens article, Smith talks about being hurt a lot. Plain and simple, he is tired of being hurt all the time. The fans are also tired of him being hurt. He missed the last three games of last season due to a high ankle sprain. He missed the last two offseason workouts due to his prior Lisfranc foot surgery.

Humphrey is the player that can change all that. He is very physical and don’t seem to have a problem catching up to and tackling a receiver. He has the speed to keep up with the fastest receivers in college and the power to strip the ball. Check out this YouTube video I found from JustBombProductions where you can see the makings of  champion.



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