Kamar Aiken Signs With The Indianapolis Colts

Oh well fans, the Baltimore Ravens lost another one. Wide receiver Kamar Aiken did not waste much time on the free agent market. Almost two weeks after becoming a free agent, he signed a one-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts on Tuesday.

Aiken was the low man on the WR totem pole in Baltimore when he signed in 2014. Steve Smith was the top man along with Torrey Smith, Jeremy Butler, Jacoby Jones, Marlon Brown and Michael Campanaro. In 16 games with no starts, Aiken recorded 24 receptions for 267 yards and three touchdowns.

Things started to look up for Aiken in 2015. Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones left in free agency. First round draft pick Breshad Perriman was signed in 2015 but he sprained his PCL during the first day of training camp which ended his rookie season. Later that season during Week 8 against the San Diego Chargers,  Steve Smith, Sr. suffered a torn Achilles injury which ended his season. Aiken became the No. 1 wide receiver and he took it seriously. With 14 starts, Aiken posted 75 receptions for 944 yards and five touchdowns. He was a tough, fast receiver with good hands. It appeared that he earned a starting spot for the 2016 season. Not so fast. Perriman and Smith returned from their respective injuries and the Ravens signed Mike Wallace. That knocked Aiken back down to the No. 4 wide receiver. In 2016, he posted only 29 receptions for 328 yards and one touchdown.

According to an article on Indystar.com, Aiken became frustrated that he did not have a more significant role on the team. After voicing his frustration through-out the season and not getting any satisfaction, he decided to shop around. “I don’t feel like I had the opportunities,” Aiken said. “I had opportunities when injuries came up and things like that, but it wasn’t a true opportunity to say let’s help me build off what I did or to get me involved a lot in the offense. It was more, ‘We’re going to put him in a special-teams role and we’ll see where he fits in the offense.’”

Aiken wanted to be a part of the Ravens. He played hard and when needed, he stepped up for his team. What did he not have that the Ravens were looking for? At 27 years old, he still have some good years left. He was not injury-prone, playing all 48 games with 20 starts while with the Ravens.

It is too bad that Aiken left the team on bad terms. I feel as though the Ravens should have utilized him more last season. After all, with an 8-8 record, what harm could it have done?



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