Kenneth Dixon Suspended for Four Games

As all fans are aware, Ravens star running back Kenneth Dixon has been suspended for four games for violating the NFL’s drug-enhancing policy.

According to reports, Dixon was not out “getting high” but took a drug that was unapproved. Not that it matters to the NFL. Not that it matters to fans. Nobody cares as to the reason why he took it, but the fact that he did.

“I want to apologize to the Ravens organization, my coaches, teammates and fans,” Dixon said in a statement. “Being an NFL player is a privilege that comes with many responsibilities, including knowing the contents of any and all foods and supplements put in your body.”

Dixon was injured at the beginning of his rookie season but once he returned to the field, he made an immediate impact. The Ravens did not have a heavy run-game, but when he had the ball, he bull dozed his way through more than a few defensive lineman and backs for a first-down.  He recorded 382 rushing yards with two rushing touchdowns and 30 receptions for 162 yards and one touchdown. Flashes of Ray Rice was back on the field. Everyone was looking forward to what he could do in 2017. He was prepared to compete with Terrance West.  Now, fans will have to wait until Week 5, if then.

What does that mean for Terrance West and newcomer Danny Woodhead? It means that Woodhead will be competing with West for a starter position in September instead of Dixon. They both have an excellent chance, as long as they remain healthy. In case anyone forgot, Lorenzo Taliaferro and Jarvorius “Buck” Allen should be back in the line-up for the regular season. If Woodhead and West put up some much-needed rushing yards on the Ravens board and with Taliaferro and Allen as back-up, Dixon might be returning to sit on the bench.

Why do these high- dollar football players make such stupid mistakes? Do they think they can get away with it? Are they not thinking of the consequences? Do they understand who they are? They are a product; a brand. They are paid millions of dollars to play football and be their team’s spokesperson. These “mistakes” can cost money, sponsors and a players’ reputation. Dixon should have known better than to take whatever he took. He is allowed to participate in practice and play in the preseason games. His suspension starts Week 1.

Hopefully, he can salvage what’s left of his reputation and return to his team with an available spot waiting for him.

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