Lardarius “Spider” Webb Released

The Baltimore Ravens continue to make roster cuts by releasing free safety Lardarius Webb on Friday. Another long-time veteran getting released to save cap space. According to Garrett Downing of, this move will free up $5.5 million in cap space.

Webb signed with the Ravens in 2009 as a 3rd round draft pick out of Nicholls State. He started out as the team’s kick returner. He became a starter in the second half of his rookie season and made an immediate impact. He proved to be a shutdown corner; he was strong, fast and had excellent run support.

He suffered his first ACL tear during Week 15 of his rookie season against the Chicago Bears that ended his season but his came back strong in 2010.  In the 2012 offseason, he re-signed a six-year, $50 million contract extension for his ball-hawing skills. That included a $10 million signing bonus with $20 guaranteed. I would say he definitely made his mark with the Ravens.

He suffered his second ACL tear in 2012 during Week 6 against the Dallas Cowboys. His season ended but he came back in 2013 ready to go.Webb recovered from two ACL tears and continued to play at a high level. After two bad injuries, Webb still has 111 games under his belt.

Webb went through a contract restructuring in 2014 and 2015. His showed a real commitment and dedication to the only team he has played for since joining the NFL in 2009.

In 2016, Webb transitioned from cornerback to free safety, following his idol, former Ravens safety Ed Reed. This move gave him more control over the defense, waiting to pick off receivers when quarterbacks made deadly mistakes. Webb became the “Spider-Man” of the defense, snatching up interceptions like taking candy from a baby.

One of Webb’s unforgettable interception was last season against the Miami Dolphins. The Ravens were leading in the second quarter with a score of 14 – 0 when Dolphins quarterback Tannehill threw a long pass to wide receiver DeVante Parker in the end zone which should have been a touchdown, but Webb stopped that! Powers was  racing close behind Parker when Webb came from out of nowhere for the interception! He made a diving touchdown after colliding with Parker and teammate Jerraud Powers that was soo amazing, Dolphins wide receiver Jimmy Stills was seen walking over to Webb and saying something to him while he was still on the ground, as if he could not believe it either!

Webb has recorded a career 428 combined tackles (65 assist), three sacks, eight passes defended, 13 interceptions and one touchdown.



After viewing this clip over and over again, I can’t believe it either! It was reported on the Ravens website that they can bring him back.  The NFL seems to be a cruel business. If a player can bounce back from two ACL injuries to still be performing at that level, it seems to me that his worth increased, not decreased but I am just a girl talking about the Ravens. It should not be a question as to if he can be brought back, the question should be how much are you willing to pay to keep him from joining another team.



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